jenna. 19. scottish. i love tv shows a lot, my blog is random as fuck tbh.

She acts like her notebook is a bar of gold

— My bro talking to my mum about me
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                   THROW ME TO THE WOLVES
                             and i will return leading the pack.

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anon ily

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I don't have weed, food or sky. I live in scotland. please come to my house and give me food and things. I will pay you in paper of which I have too many.


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I ship scott and stiles so much now it’s not even funny

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sometimes i cry because taylor swift is an angel and people still find reasons to hate her 

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My friends decided to take a lovely pic for the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re not gay but they support gay rights

This is the most gangsta shit I have ever seen on tumblr

Not even a little bit sorry for posting color to my uncolored blog. This is amazing.

Literally the third time reblogging this, no regrets

Oh my god ahhahahaha

not anything to do with youtubers but this is amazing

Love this

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